The path to a man's heart is through his eyes,

(well alright, and his stomach)

but the path to a woman's heart is through her EARS

(don't forget that).

What you say to her counts big-time, and this first one is essential,   I  l o v e  y o u !

Say it often, with a glad and giving heart to show the pleasure you take from making this declaration to her.

Say it every day of the week, even if you say nothing else

all day long.

Say it sincerely and in a tone of voice that means the same as your words, and say it first, not after she has said it

and you have to say, “I love you too”.

 Those three words “I love you” are never boring to her.

Remember too, that loving GLANCES and


 In addition, at least once once a day, say one item from the following 366 good things to her.

(However, if you find that keeping up this program DAILY seems a bit too rich for her all of a sudden, you can thin it out to two or three times a week, but never give up the habit altogether.)

After she's gotten over thinking you're up to something, she'll be looking forward to your loving words, and your loving thoughts will start being returned and rewarded.


Now here are your 366 good things to say to her.

Have a happy life.

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