The "L" Word

The “L” Word
Gentlemen, if you love her, tell her, and tell her often.
Love first slips into a man’s heart through his eyes,
but into a woman’s heart though her ears.
By the way, along with your words of love,
be generous with your words of praise.
They are the wrappings on your gifts of love.
If, when she hears your praise she blushes
and modestly says,
“Now don’t be giving me that blarney of yours,
I know you don’t really mean it,” pay no attention.
That’s just ‘woman-code’ for
“Please tell me more.”
But what if you’ve been badly burned,                       
so that now you’re afraid to love,
and have sworn to yourself that you never will again?
Understandable, but life can hold many surprises.
A couple of centuries ago Herbert Shipman said,
“Across the gateway to my heart, I wrote,
‘No thoroughfare’,
but love came laughing by and cried,
‘I enter everywhere.’ ”
We’re lucky that it does enter everywhere,
because the only known cure for aching loneliness
is the painful splendor of love.
Have you ever heard those lyrics from Rida Young’s
100 year old lyrics from the operetta 'Naughty Marietta'?
“Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you,
At last I know the secret of it all,”
and only a few lines later the song’s core message,
“For tis love and love alone the world is seeking.”
Now isn’t that the truth?
Everything else is just static
to distract us from our main objective.
We all want to love, and to be loved.
 Then why do we strive so hard
for material things instead?               
Because the advertisers have deluded us into thinking
that having those material things
              will somehow deliver love to us.
Phuh! What a joke!
Almost everything we’ll ever buy
will eventually end up in the dump.
But a few things do stay with us
and they don’t cost any money at all.      
Among them are,
the loving glances,
the tender touches
the caressing words.
Without these, what else matters?
                             Petulla Clarke used to sing about                               “the bright, elusive butterfly of love.”
Sadly, not everyone has experienced the presence
of that exquisite creature.
For example, there’s a sad old song that went,
“I’ve wondered alone,
I’ve never known one loving glance.”
That’s heartbreaking.
And in Robert Service’s verse
‘Song of the Wage Slave’
the voice of the poem laments a wasted lifetime
of frantic earning and reckless spending,
and then concludes by saying,
“Yet I’d gladly have gone to the gallows
for one little look of love.”
Those little looks are hugely important to everyone,
but especially to your sweetie
who never stops watching for your little signs of love.
The Desiderata tells us that,                                  
“With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
it’s still a beautiful world.”
That’s the same as your sweetie
still being adorable to you
even with all her changing moods.
Every one of those moods is based on
that most eternal of quests, the search for love.
No wonder so many singers have recorded that grand
old song,
‘Have I told you lately that I love you?’
Can you ever tell your woman too often
that you love her?
No, of course not.
Even while she always knows that you love her,
she never gets tired of hearing it again,
so never forget to keep telling her.
She wants it and needs it. It nourishes her emotional
Now, one last word to both gentlemen and ladies.
If you don’t already have a sweetheart,
look after yourself anyway and be ready.
You may soon be needed,
and when you are, don’t be stingy with your love.
 I once read that,
“To the world at large
you are only one, unimportant person,
but someday, to someone,
you may BE their world.”
Basil  Morrison

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