Good Things to Say to Her

How to Talk to Your Woman

                                      Lady Nancy Astor once said,        “I married beneath me; all women do.”                                       But don't be offended guys,                                               they only feel that way during the playoffs.              The rest of the time, the main thing both...

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Emotional Poverty

Emotional Poverty   I’m fairly sure we’ve all seen it, and possibly experienced it ourselves. There’s certainly lots of emotional poverty all around us.   It can happen to a person, a family, a segment of society or even a whole nation. It can be fleeting, long-term or permanent.   The symptoms start out as barely noticeable, and increase so gradually that even the victim may be unaware they are being slowly distorted by their emotional privation or wounds.   By the time the damage has gone beyond repair, the victim has accepted their twisted outlook as a natural part of...

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The "L" Word

The “L” Word   Gentlemen, if you love her, tell her, and tell her often. Love first slips into a man’s heart through his eyes, but into a woman’s heart though her ears.   By the way, along with your words of love, be generous with your words of praise. They are the wrappings on your gifts of love.   If, when she hears your praise she blushes and modestly says, “Now don’t be giving me that blarney of yours, I know you don’t really mean it,” pay no attention. That’s just ‘woman-code’ for “Please tell me more.”   But...

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